Saturday, July 26, 2008

harem pants that what these are called? i can't recall. anyway my lifelong obsession of parisians, and paris, france never seem to end. hopefully i will be able to visit in the near future.

...which brings me to another question: why are parisians so damn (effortlessly) chic!?!? sigh.

so inspirational...i decided to dig to the end of my closet and i find these, they are actually my mothers'...fantastic.

my apologies for the poor lighting, and weird ray of light effect due to my blinds!

...much better?


anyway I don't know how I feel about them on me, makes my torso look super short... I hate being short argh!!!! let me know what you think!

and...i'm off


this is so last minute but, to the people in the nyc area, oak (28 bond st) is having a huge sale right now and today's the last day until 8pm. cash only & all sales are final. let me know if any of you go!


CoutureCarrie said...

I'm still not sold on those, but you look cute! And did you see the photo in the NY Times Sunday Styles section today about jeans like this? Check it out!

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

wow!!love the pants!!i really need to get one

Calming Corners said...

I really like these pants. I am going to look into getting some.